What Is the Citizen Academy?

The Flagler Beach Police Citizen’s Academy is a series of classes designed to give community members a peek into the inner workings of the Flagler Beach Police Department. A diverse selection of topics is covered in an effort to give attendees an idea of what, why, and how the police operate.

Each topic is taught by Flagler Beach police officers or civilian staff members, each an expert in their field. Each instructor describes the functions of his/her position and is available to answer questions. Some of the classes also include practical exercises.

What is the goal of the Citizen Academy?

The goal of the Citizen Academy is to promote a better relationship between the police department and the community it serves and to foster a clearer understanding of a police officer’s duties, how the officer carries out those duties, and the end results of the officer’s actions. The Citizen Academy is not being held to train citizens as police officers or to exercise police authority of any kind.

Citizens will learn different things such as criminal investigation, road patrol duties and procedures, computer crime and much more.

How to Apply

  1. Applicants must of 18 years of age or older
  2. Live or work within the city of Flagler Beach
  3. Not felony convictions
  4. No misdemeanor convictions within one year of application, which questions the moral character of the applicant.
    Any requirement may be waived or modified upon review and approval of the Police Chief.Contact the Flagler Beach Police Department to apply. (Contact the police department to apply)