1st Quarter
Donna Kearney – Administrative Assistant

Donna is dependable and reliable and has worked for our department for quite some time. I believe that she is able to work well with many of her co-workers over the years, including supervisors and the public. Donna has experienced changes in our structure, management and procedures and has managed to adopt accordingly. She performs tasks that are clearly outside of her job description and has done so for quite some time.

When assistance is needed to help an employee with records, reports, computer issues, Donna is willing to step up and do so. If she is unable to find a solution herself, she will not hesitate to seek outside solutions. I respect the fact that Donna will also not stand by if she believes issues need to be addressed and/or solved, whether her opinion agreed with or not.

Donna’s attitude at work is friendly with a twist of comedy and quick wit toward our daily life and work situations, but she is also administratively professional. Her acceptance of constructive criticism varies, meaning she will listen well to other’s opinions, will conform to a change if required even though she might not be in total agreement. Her appearance and neatness is acceptable for her position working for a law enforcement agency.

Donna has been loyal and sensitive to her co-workers’ personal lives also and has been happy for them when appropriate as well as saddened for them when unfortunately¬†necessary. I believe Donna is loyal to the department, her supervisors and also to her co-workers if deserved.

2nd Quarter
Randy Doyle – Road Patrol

3rd Quarter
Michelle Ficocello – Victim Advocate Assistant, Volunteer

Michelle has volunteerd for the victim advocate on and off for almost 9 years. Not only has she been extremely helpful to me and the victims that we service, but she has also been very helpful to this entire department. There have been times when Michele will assist an employee of the department with a a task ,she has covered the front desk, answered the police department phone lines and has volunteered for fund raisers that are helpful to every employee here.

Michele has covered for me to assist the department on call outs when the victim advocate is out of town or on vacation. If we have multiple victims of a crime/crimes, Michele has assisted the police department and has even organized multiple victim advocates and/or crisis responders to a crime scene whenever asked to do so. Michele has also accompanied the victim advocate on death notifications.

Michele has served on various boards in my absence as well as attending court related issues for our victims/clients.

4th Quarter