PSA – Move Over Law

The Flagler Beach Police Department is providing this information in an effort to educate our citizens and visitors on Florida State Statute 316.126; better known as the Move Over Law. increasing awareness and compliance with this Statute will assist with our goal to make the City of Flagler Beach a safer place to live, work and visit.

o On a two (2) lane roadway (such as SRA1A), youre required to slow to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.

o If the speed limit is 20 miles per hour or less, you must slow down to five (5) miles per hour.

o If you are driving on an interstate or roadway with multiple lanes of travel in the same direction (such as SR100), and you approach an Emergency or Law Enforcement vehicle parked along the roadway, you must vacate the lane closest to that vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. If youre not able to move over safely, you must slow down to a speed of 20 MPH below the posted speed limit; unless directed otherwise by a Law Enforcement Officer.

o Violating the “Move Over Lawputs lives in jeopardy. These lives include Law Enforcement Officers, Sanitation and Utility workers, other motorists, pedestrians and even your own life. Effective July 1, 2014, the Statute was changed to include sanitation vehicles and utility service vehicles.

o Violating the “Move Over Lawin Flagler County can result in a $136.00 fine and three (3) points on your Driver’s License.

Florida State Statue 316.126 in its entirety can be located via computer at; If you have any questions about the information in this announcement, please feel free to contact Captain Doughney or any member of the Flagler Beach Police Department.