Building Department Assistance

Hurricane Irma – Building Department Assistance

The following information is being disseminated to our residents as well as the local media in order to provide valuable and timely information regarding building repairs in our City associated with Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma damaged many homes in our City and the process of repairing and/or rebuilding homes as quickly, efficiently and correctly is extremely important to our community.

Single family residences and duplexes that require the removal of sheet rock do not require a licensed contractor.  A City issued permit must be obtained for the removal of sheetrock and the City will waive the permitting fee for the removal of sheet rock from homes.

Homes that are being rebuilt require a City issued permit for the installation of sheet rock.  The cost for the permit is based on the amount of work required, and the cost for a sheet rock permit in our City is typically between $60 and $80.  The City will only issue permits to those contractors that are licensed to install sheet rock.

Our City Building Inspector is extremely knowledgeable and he will work diligently with our residents to help answer questions and provide guidance.  Hurricane Irma has tested the resolve of our community and we’re committed to assisting our residents as we rebuild our beautiful City.

If there are any questions regarding the removal and/or installation of sheet rock, building permits or building codes, please feel free to contact our Building Department at (386) 517-2000.