Re-Entry Procedures

The Flagler Beach Police Department’s Hurricane Placard’s provides the holder with valuable pre and post storm information and is not considered a re-entry pass.  In the event the SR100/Moody Bridge is closed, re-entry to the barrier island/evacuation zone will be at the discretion of the Flagler Beach Police Department. Flagler Beach residents/business owners and Beverly Beach residents that evacuate due to Hurricane Irma are strongly encouraged to bring their identification, to include their Driver’s License along with a piece of mail (preferably their water or FP&L bill) with them when they leave the barrier island.  Having these identification items readily available, along with the placard, when you return will assist Law Enforcement Officers with the expedition of the re-entry process.  Please understand that the health, welfare and safety of the public are our utmost priority and concern.  We want you back in your homes as soon as possible after Hurricane Irma and your patience and understanding during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.

Hurricane Placards will be available at the Police Department until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow (Friday) for Flagler Beach residents/business owners and Beverly Beach residents.