Scam Alert

“Hurricane Irma Recovery – Scam Alert”


As we continue to recover from Hurricane Irma please remember that “Scammers” are still active throughout the State of Florida trying to prey on those that have endured so much. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to be prepared and remain vigilant.  Here are some tips to safeguard against fraud:


Ask to see identification:  All Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives are required to carry an identification badge with a photograph.  A FEMA shirt or jacket is not proof of identity. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with anyone you encounter, contact your local Law Enforcement agency immediately.


Safeguard your FEMA registration number:  This number is the key to your application information.  Please safeguard it and do not share it with others.


Safeguard personal information: No State or Federal Government disaster assistance agency will call you to ask for your financial account information. Unless you place a call to a verified agency yourself, you should not provide personal information over the phone.


Federal Inspectors: FEMA Inspectors verify damages.  They do not involve themselves in any aspect of the repair, nor do they recommend Contractors.


Beware of people going door to door:  People knocking on doors at damaged homes or phoning homeowners claiming to be building contractors may be con artists, especially if they ask for personal information or solicit money.


The toll free FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline number is 866-720-5721. If you suspect fraud, please call this number!


If you have any questions regarding this awareness announcement, please feel free to contact Chief Doughney at (386) 517-2024.