Beach Access/Dune Crossovers Damaged


Subject: Winter “Bomb Cyclone” – Beach Access/Dune Crossovers Damaged
Date: January 4, 2018

Last night’s high tides associated with the winter “Bomb Cyclone” severely damaged many of our City’s Beach Access/Dune Crossover locations. Earlier today City Staff conducted an inspection of all City Beach Access/Dune Crossover locations. Effective today, Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 12:00 p.m., the following Beach Access /Dune Crossover locations are open for public usage:

North of SR100 South of SR100
North 23rd Street Ramp between SR100 & South 2nd
North 12th Street South 2nd Street
North 8th Street South 3rd Street
North 7th Street South 4th Street
North 3rd Street South 5th Street
North 2nd Street South 6th Street
South 11th Street
South 21st Street
South 22nd Street
South 28th Street
South City Limits/Volusia County line

Our Beach is open and please remember the following:
 Please utilize the above Beach Access/Dune Crossovers only. Do not walk on or across the Sea
Dunes to prevent further erosion of the Dune system. City Ordinance 6-9 prohibits the
destruction, harm, molestation, cutting, harvesting, removal or eradication or cause of
destruction of any plant life on the Dune areas within the City, east of Highway A1A.

 Please do not attempt to utilize closed Beach Access/Dune Crossover locations. Closed locations
have clearly visible yellow “Caution” tape and wooden boards blocking access. These locations
have been deemed unstable and have hereby been closed for public safety.

 The City will be conducting a Beach Cleanup in the next couple of weeks. Please utilize caution
when walking on the Beach, as debris may wash up on shore.

 The Beach Cleanup will be similar to those conducted after Hurricane Matthew. The City will
announce the Beach Cleanup date as soon as possible and Volunteers are welcome!

We’d like to thank our residents and visitors in advance for their patience as we once again embark on repairing Beach Access/Dune Crossover locations in our City. Additional inspections of the Beach Access/Dune Crossover locations will be conducted in the next two (2) weeks and a schedule for repairs and/or replacement will be issued to the public once these inspections have been completed.

As a City we’re committed to repairing and/or replacing all of the damaged Beach Access/Dune Crossovers and City Staff will continue to work diligently in order to get this task accomplished. When additional Beach Access/Dune Crossovers are re-opened, a Public Service Announcement/Media Release will be issued.