Varn Park Closed

Varn Park closed for dunes restoration


July 25, 2018 – Varn Park is closed to the public and is temporarily being used as the staging area for Flagler County’s dune restoration project. Jungle Hut Park is now reopened.

Nearly 6 miles of dunes have been fortified to date. The completed area stretches from the northern reach of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park to the halfway mark between Jungle Hut Road and Varn Park. Also, a short section of the Painters Hill area has been fortified.

“The next section of the dunes project is the 1.4 miles north of Varn Park,” said Alex Spiller, project administrator for construction. “From there we will move south.”

It will take several weeks, if not months, for crews to complete the work from the Varn Park staging area. High tides, daylight, and weather affect the length of the workday.

“Our staff has been working diligently to keep this project on track,” County Commission Chair Greg Hansen said. “We know it’s a hardship when we have to close a park like this, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.”


Flagler County ocean side parks are open in areas where the dunes work has been completed and Mobi-Mats installed – MalaCompra Park, Old Salt Park (at the end of 16th Road), and Jungle Hut Park.

Signs have also been installed in these areas reminding users to “Dodge the Dunes.” People, dogs and horses are all prohibited from walking on the protective dunes.