Frequent Scams

Have you ever received a phone call from someone stating that they’re from the Internal Revenue Service and that you owe the Government money?  Have they threatened legal action against you if you don’t cooperate?

If you’ve received a call like this, you’re not alone.  This call and calls of similar nature are popular telephone scams designed to gain personal information that will lead to theft of your money, identity theft and a long road to regain your credit.  The people that perform these scams are very cunning and convincing and their sole purpose is to after make you a victim and take your hard earned money.  This portion of our website is dedicated to providing our citizens with relevant information to prevent these types of scams from occurring and should a scam occur, provide you with means to directly report the theft to the proper authorities.

Here are telephone scams that are prevalent throughout the State  of Florida;

Internal Revenue Service:

Florida Power & Light:

Nigerian Lottery:


Grandparents Phone Scam:

These are but a few of the scams that are currently in operation and should you have any doubt, please write down the caller’s phone number, ask for his/her Supervisors name and politely hang up.  Your next phone call should be to your local Law Enforcement agency.