Online Transaction Safe Place

Are you looking for a safer way to close your on-line (Craig’s List ®, “Facebook’s Swip-Swap”®, etc.) transactions?  If the answer to that questions is yes, we’ve got a brand new program especially for you!  The dangers of meeting strangers at a remote location to trade items has ended too many times in senseless violence and this trend continues to occur across the nation.  This program is specifically designed to provide a safe place to trade, which in turn will protect all parties involved.

In a proactive effort to protect our citizens, the Flagler Beach Police Department is welcoming the public to utilize our Department’s lobby and parking lot to close their online transactions in a safer manner for all involved parties.  The Flagler Beach Police Department is centrally located at 204 South Flagler Avenue.  In addition to utilizing the Police Department as an “On-Line Transaction Safe Place”, our Police Officers will be available to stand by in order to increase both the buyer’s and seller’s sense of security.

Along with our commitment to the safety of all parties involved, the Flagler Beach Police Department encourages all citizen involved in on-line trading to be proactive and check to see if any of the items to be exchanged are stolen.  By clicking on the attached link below, citizens will be routed to Public Access System portion of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.  Interested citizens utilizing this site can check items, free of charge, to see if they’ve been reported stolen in the State of Florida.  Should an item be listed as stolen, please contact your local Law Enforcement agency.

FDLE website link:

How do I set up an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please contact our Staff at the Police Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Feel free to stop by to make your appointment or call us at 386-517-2020.

If you have any questions about the aforementioned information, please contact Captain Doughney or any member of the Flagler Beach Police Department.